Virtual Reality

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‘Wordfall’ is an animated VR short film, created for the final project of my MA. It is the story of an inventor who removes all the words from the world in a bid to impress his wife. 

My role within this was that of Unity Developer, however I also took on various other responsibilities, such as 3D artist for the woman character model shown. Created in collaboration with Kate Pasterfield (Writer, Director & 3D Artist), Tom Crosley-Thorne (Composer & 3D Sound Designer) and Kevin Sylvester (Concept & Production Artist).

In The Flow

‘In The Flow’ was a group project that I was involved in for Limina Immersive. Our task was to create a research based VR game. My role was to build the environment and bring together the assets created by other users (such as 3D models and textures) in game. Also involved were Kate Pasterfield, Julia Ronneberger and Komal Rana.

Data Mine VR

‘Data Mine’ is a VR game concept that I designed due to my growing concern with data privacy within VR, and how I believe not enough is being done to ensure this is protected. I experimented with different types of data that can be recorded from the user, including;

  • Motion recording (shown in the video to the left). This is displaying a C# script that copies the users original movement, and plays it onto the second avatar.
  • Gaze tracking.

Terminal Tides VR

Scientists estimate that by the end of the century sea levels will rise by nearly an entire metre. Terminal Tides VR is a currently in development interactive documentary that places you inside that world, so you can experience in first person the devastating impact experts predict this could have on life as we know it.

See the crumbling cliffs and homes lost to the sea; the water surrounding you and increasing inch by inch as the years pass. Learn the steps you can take to help combat this and how many of the changes you can make now will benefit not only the earth, but your own physical, mental and financial health.